Below are recent NWCC and AWWI wind-wildlife publications, which are provided for free. You will find a summary of the history and accomplishments of the Wildlife Workgroup, a guide for studying wind-wildlife interactions, and a summary of what we know about bird and bat interactions with land-based wind power in North America.

Since its founding in 1998, the NWCC has produced a wide range of publications addressing issues that pertain to wind power. To access publications from prior issues addressed by the NWCC, please visit the prior activities pages.

  • Wind Wildlife Research Meeting IX Proceedings

    May 2013 (151 pp.)

    These proceedings document research, presented at the NWCC Wind Wildlife Research Meeting IX, pertaining to wildlife fatalities; habitat and behavioral impacts; cumulative and landscape-scale impacts to species; mitigation techniques and technologies; and offshore considerations.

  • Comprehensive Guide to Studying Wind Energy/Wildlife Interactions

    June 2011 (289 pp.)

    This resource document of the Wildlife Workgroup is intended as a guide to persons involved in designing, conducting, or requiring wind energy/wildlife interaction studies.

  • Wildlife Workgroup: History, Accomplishments, and Future

    November 2011 (8 pp.)

    This milestone document, produced as the NWCC shifted focus to only wildlife issues, summarizes the history, accomplishments of the Wildlife Workgroup since 1994.

For older Wildlife Workgroup publications, please visit the publications archive.

Find the proceedings to all Wind Wildlife Research Meeting Proceedings here.