The Proceedings of the eleventh Wind Wildlife Research Meeting (PDF available for download here) capture and summarize the work of 37 presentations on research findings offering progress to wind-wildlife stakeholders and solutions that balance both wind energy development and wildlife conservation.

Many sessions focused on eagles, with presentations on range and migration, topographic siting, monitoring protocols, and advanced tools for detection and deterrence. Extensive new studies on bats included refined turbine curtailment strategies, methods for estimating fatality, offshore behavior, and population level impacts for specific species. The research summarized in these Proceedings shows a continued trend toward technological innovation as key to addressing wildlife impacts of wind development.

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Disclaimer: AWWI strives for excellence when organizing the agenda for the Wind Wildlife Research Meeting, and each abstract submission is peer reviewed. However, authors represent their own work, and inclusion of in the meeting program and proceedings does not imply endorsement of the study or results by AWWI or others affiliated with the meeting. Much of the information presented in presentations is preliminary and should not be quoted or cited without permission from the authors.

Photo Credit: Wind Wildlife Research Meeting XI 2016 By AWWI