a blue-winged teal duck in a wetland habitat

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

1:00 – 2:30 PM ET

The NWCC hosted a webinar with presentations on progress and updates from research presented at the 12th NWCC Wind Wildlife Research Meeting (WWRM) in November 2018:


Offsetting Behavioral Displacement: An Avian-Impact Offset Method & Applying Spatial Models and Decision Support Tools to Address Habitat Offsets

Presenters: Jill Shaffer, U.S. Geological Survey and Chuck Loesch, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided research updates on their WWRM presentation “Estimating Indirect Impacts of Wind-Energy Development for Breeding Grassland Birds and Waterfowl in the Northern Great Plains” and discussed an avian impact offset method and a complementary geospatial decision-support tool.

        Presentation (Jill Shaffer)
        Presentation (Chuck Loesch)

The Motus Wildlife Tracking Network and Applications to Wind Energy Research

Presenter: Catherine Jardine, Bird Studies Canada, shared updates from her WWRM Offshore Wind & Wildlife Workshop presentation on the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.


Photo Credit: Blue-winged Teal By Susan Young, Flickr