Abstract Submission Guide

The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) is now accepting abstracts for oral presentations, panels, and posters to be presented at the all virtual meeting, December 1-4.

Submission Process:

Please review the complete Call for Abstracts before beginning your submission.

  • For oral presentations or posters please visit https://wwrm2020.exordo.com/ and follow the instructions provided to submit abstracts.
  • For panel submissions, please contact AWWI at wwrm@awwi.org for instructions.

General topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Assessing direct and indirect effects, at both the individual and population level, on wildlife and their habitats at land-based and offshore wind energy facilities
  • Evaluating novel approaches (e.g., conceptual, methodological, technological) to avoiding and assessing impacts of wind energy on birds, bats, and other wildlife, including approaches from non-wind sectors as appropriate
  • Considering the effects of wind energy development in the larger context of our energy choices and their significance to wildlife
  • Evaluating minimization and/or compensatory efforts against impacts to species from wind energy development and operation
  • Applying the results of research to implement effective and practicable solutions to wind-wildlife challenges
  • Considering the effects (negative and positive) of wind energy development on a landscape scale in the context of conservation efforts across all activities
  • International wind-wildlife studies that have broad implications