Save the Date!

Mark your calendar for the 13th NWCC Wind Wildlife Research Meeting:

December 1-4, 2020

Location coming soon

The 2020 meeting will feature the latest research, lessons learned, and opportunities for collaboration for both onshore and offshore wind energy and wildlife. Check back soon for more information.



The biennial NWCC Wind Wildlife Research Meeting provides an internationally recognized forum for researchers and wind-wildlife stakeholders to hear contributed papers, view research posters, and listen to panels that synthesize the most recent wind power-related wildlife research. Academics, researchers, conservation scientists, consultants, federal and state officials, NGO representatives, and wind industry professionals come together every other year for this unique opportunity. The meeting is organized and presented by the American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI).

Read about the 2018 meeting here.


Disclaimer: AWWI strives for excellence when organizing the agenda for the Wind Wildlife Research Meeting, and each abstract submission is peer reviewed. However, authors represent their own work, and inclusion of in the meeting program and proceedings does not imply endorsement of the study or results by AWWI or others affiliated with the meeting. Much of the information presented in presentations is preliminary and should not be quoted or cited without permission from the authors.