EPRI Webcast: Bat Detection and Shutdown System for Utility-scale Wind Turbines

March 4, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

From EPRI:

Bat Detection and Shutdown System for Utility-scale Wind Turbines

Join EPRI’s John Goodrich-Mahoney, Normandeau Associates, Inc.’s Christine Sutter and We Energies’s Susan Schumacher for a presentation and discussion summarizing EPRI research related to the Bat Detection and Shutdown System for Utility-scale Wind Turbines.

Bats provide important insect control functions and play a role in sustaining some agricultural stands. Some species are threatened or endangered, while populations of others are collapsing due to white-nose syndrome. These circumstances have elevated resource agency staff concerns about bat mortality observed at wind energy facilities in United States, Canada, and other locations. Mitigation strategies such as seasonal curtailment of operations may threaten the economic viability of existing capacity, while project development has been put on hold in some wind resource areas.

The majority of bat fatalities have been observed in late summer and early autumn when migratory species are on the move. Technologies allowing for more targeted mitigation are needed to help prevent high-mortality events while minimizing economic impacts.

The bat detection shutdown system integrates predictive modeling of bat occurrence with turbine controls to enable manual or automated shutdown of units during high risk events. It is expected that this approach will reduce bat mortality while avoiding the need for mandatory curtailment over extended periods.  Join use for a project overview and update, including funding status.

Webcast Information

Date: Tuesday, March 4
Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes

  • John Goodrich-Mahoney, EPRI, Sr. Technical Leader – Environment
  • Christine Sutter, Normandeau Associates, Inc., Technical Director and Senior Biologist
  • Susan Schumacher, We Energies, Senior Ecological Scientist

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