AWWI Releases Updated Summary of Wind-Wildlife Interactions

Wind-Turbine Interactions Fact Sheet_Cover squareThe American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) is pleased to announce the release of “Wind Turbine Interactions with Wildlife and their Habitats: A Summary of Research Results and Priority Questions.” This fact sheet summarizes what is known about the adverse impacts of land-based wind power on wildlife in North America and the status of our knowledge regarding how to avoid and/or minimize these impacts. It draws the bulk of its information from peer-reviewed literature.

The document is designed as an update to the NWCC‘s, “Wind Turbine Interactions with Birds, Bats, and their Habitats: A Summary of Research Results and Priority Questions,” (aka the Birds and Bats Fact Sheet), 2010.

Going forward, this fact sheet will take on a slightly new form as a “living” document on AWWI’s website (to be posted soon); this will allow us to make updates to the content on a regular basis to reflect new published studies, keeping the information provided up-to-date.

The fact sheet was authored by Dr. Taber Allison with crucial input and editing from AWWI’s Research Committee and Science Advisors. We thank all those who contributed their valuable time to this important summary.