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Ground Rules

Historically, the organization and process of the NWCC was goverened by ground rules.  These were used to guide decision making, establish operational and document publication protocol, and determine membership classifications. To read these ground rules, click here.

Wildlife Workgroup Publication Archive

Wind Turbine Interactions with Birds and Bats: A Summary of Research Results and Remaining Questions
November 2004
Note: This fact sheet has been updated. Click here to view the latest draft.

Avian Collisions with Wind Turbines: A Summary of Existing Studies and Comparisons to Other Sources of Avian Collision Mortality in the United States
August 2001

Studying Wind Energy/Bird Interactions: A Guidance Document
Addendum (published in 2003)
December 1999
Note: This document has been updated.  Click here to view the latest draft.

Wind Energy Issue Papers

  1. The Benefits of Wind Energy: BriefPaper
  2. Wind Energy Environmental Issues: BriefPaper
  3. Siting Issues for Wind Power Plants: BriefPaper
  4. Wind Energy Resources: BriefPaper
  5. The Effect of Wind Energy Development on State and Local Economies: BriefPaper
  6. Utility Procurement of Wind Resources: BriefPaper
  7. Wind in a Restructured: BriefPaper
  8. Incorporating Wind into Resources Portfolio: BriefPaper
  9. Wind Energy Transmission and Utility Integration: Brief ABrief BPaper
  10. Wind Performance Characteristics: BriefPaper
  11. Wind Energy Costs: BriefPaper

Issue Forums

WPA and NWCC Wind Energy and Economic Development Forum 
April 2007 – East Lansing, MI

Wind Partners Coordination
September 2002

New York and Pennsylvania Wind Energy Workshop and Wind Forum
July 2001 – Albany, NY

New England Wind Issues Forum
November 1997 – Boston, Massachusetts