Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation Workgroup

distributedgenerationIn cooperation with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the NWCC commissioned a study on distributed wind power development by Princeton Economic Research, Inc. The researchers explored interconnection at the distribution level and integration with local economies, drawing upon the European co-op model. They examined and evaluated economic factors, policy, or industry developments behind infrastructure supporting distributed market segments in Europe, as well as the direct and indirect benefits and costs associated with distributed wind development.

Project objectives included describing:

  • Benefits, costs, and technical requirements associated with the distributed wind development approach;
  • European utility and government policy drivers and other characteristics encouraging distributed wind development; and
  • Market, institutional or regulatory constraints.



Workgroup Meeting
January 21, 1999

Status Report at NWCC Plenary Meeting #17
October 26, 1998
Fort Collins, CO

Second Review Meeting
September 21, 1998
Washington, DC

Status Report at NWCC Plenary Meeting #16
June 30, 1998
Sioux Falls, SD

First Interim Review Meeting
May 20, 1998
Washington, DC

Kickoff Meeting
January 28, 1998
Washington, DC