The NWCC is an open forum that anyone can participate in. The participation guidelines are summarized below.

Participation Guidelines:

I. Organization

a. Participants

Consistent with the NWCC’s Wildlife Workgroup historical role, the NWCC will operate as an open forum available to all interested parties. The email list – the primary form of communication with the NWCC – will be open to all interested subscribers, and users may elect to change their subscription preferences at any time.

b. Committees

For specific NWCC activities, AWWI will maintain existing or convene informal committees to help guide the activities. Participation on committees will be open to all interested volunteers (who support the mission of NWCC & AWWI), and AWWI may solicit additional parties or narrow participation from a specific sector to ensure balance and a manageable committee size.

II. Operating Principals

a. Ground Rules

Parties that participate in AWWI-NWCC activities will be asked to agree to abide by the following ground rules:

  • Respect each other’s various points of view.
  • Avoid personal attacks and the use of intimidation.
  • When making comments, be considerate of the time needed for others to share their perspectives.
  • Follow through on commitments made to the facilitators and the rest of the group.

b. Decision Making

Final decisions will be made by AWWI staff in consultation with committee members, DOE/NREL, and scientific experts. When appropriate, consensus decisions may be requested from specific committees. Committee members may request the use of consensus decision-making for a specific question, but to ensure that work is able to proceed in a timely manner, AWWI reserves the final say in how decisions are made.

c. Confidentiality

No party will characterize the position of any other party in public statements or in discussions with the press, even if that party withdraws from the activity. If approached by the press, participants in committee activities will speak on behalf of their organization but not on behalf of the committee.

Next steps memos, and as appropriate, meeting summaries, will be prepared by a facilitator after each conference call, meeting, and/or workshop. The meeting summaries will serve as a means of characterizing the business conducted at each meeting. The final meeting summaries will be made available to the public via the NWCC website. Meeting participants will not attribute discussion to any one individual, organization, or sector.

Open webinars will be recorded and made available via the NWCC website.

Note: The Sage-Grouse Research Collaborative and Grassland Community Collaborative Oversight Committees operate under separate sets of Operating Protocols.


In August 2012, NWCC staff (in consultation with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Department of Energy) developed new participation guidelines for the NWCC Wildlife Workgroup. To review these Guidelines in full, please click here. To view a webinar summarizing these Guidelines, please click here.

In April 2012, NWCC staff administered a survey of the Wildlife Workgroup to inform the development of key objectives for the Wildlife Workgroup in 2012 and beyond and to inform the development of new Guidelines. To view a summary of the survey responses, please click here.